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KLAUS Multiparking has been one of the leading manufacturers of parking systems in Germany for 50 years. The company have representations in over 80 countries worldwide. Avakon represents the company is East Africa Region and provides personalized parking solutions.


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Parking System Solutions

Overview of semi-automatic parking systems.

Overview of semi-automatic parking systems.

-Maximum flexibility
-Horizontal and vertical sliding behind manual or electric doors
-High parking space density
-Combinable with individual TrendVario systems
-Optimal user comfort via dialogue display or additional remote control (in local language)
-Fully automatic procedure for dedicated parking spaces
-Optimal safety

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Parker overview

Parker overview

-Independent parking: Using a pit, rendering each vehicle independently retrievable from other vehicles
-Dependent parking: Stacking parking systems, where the parking space underneath must always be empty, to lower the platform
-Numerous variations and designs to meet diverse vehicle and construction requirements, e.g. width, height, length and weight
-Available with single- and double-platforms
-For 2 to 3 vehicles stacked vertically

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Overview of fully automatic parking systems.

Overview of fully automatic parking systems.

-Optimal access times
-Accommodates vehicles in safety
-Anti-theft and damage protection
-Safe access to car park without narrow ramps or dark access routes
-Enclosed area can be halved in comparison to conventional parking spaces
-Slashes the space required for ramps and lane widths
-Economising on parking levels and equipment required (lighting, ventilation, sprinklers)
-Reduced construction time
-Exploit the construction space saved for additional parking spaces or for other commercial purposes

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Overview of parking pallets and turntables.

Overview of parking pallets and turntables.

-Unused areas can also be used as parking spaces, e. g. lane widths

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