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A smart and simple system that enables you to control your home from anywhere in the world.

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Avakon represents Cockpit in East Africa Region and provides smart solutions for your home.

Convenient & Personilized

Convenient & Personilized

It’s morning. The blinds open, your bedroom fills with soft light and warmth, your coffee gets made for you. It feels like waking up in a fairytale, but, well…. you’re still at your home – but from now on, Cockpit’s in charge, making sure you start your day the right way, every day.



Your home is the most valuable place in the world, right? No wonder you want it to be safe and protected at all times. Whether you’re in or out, Cockpit system is always there to monitor events and let you know if something goes wrong.



It’s winter, it’s cold outside and you don’t like the snow. But that’s alright – Cockpit knows just how you like it and has the temperature perfect for you just as you arrive home. And you don’t need to worry about leaving the heating on all day – Cockpit uses its intelligence to regulate temperature as efficiently as possible, allowing you to save on your heating bills!


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Easy installation

With Cockpit, remote home management is available for everyone!


The owner tells us about his expectations.


We configure system to their needs and connect the devices.


With Cockpit, remote home management is available for everyone!

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